Layne has pink hair, and pink glasses. They are wearing a green t-shirt and multicoloured shorts. Layne is holding a Pulch A6 book which is red and has the veiw of the beach.

Layne Dixon


Layne is a disabled writer. Since 2018 Layne had a spark of helping people with disabilities through their own voice. Weekly they write about disability, access, and inclusion from Layne’s point of view as a young disabled person. Through this Layne helps people with disabilities and people with lived experience of disability learn about a different way of living with a disability. In early 2022, Layne opened a directory, Break Down that Barrier which helps people with disabilities and live experience of disability, to know where the best accessible and disability friendly venues are across Western Australia. 


Layne writes weekly on here, about their own experiences navigating life as a disabled person. Through this blog they also promote people with disabilities, if there has been a book, TV show or a film out about disability, and sharing their person opinion on anything that’s going on in the news lately.

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