About me

An image of Layne and the Mayor for the City of Cockburn.

At 16 years old, I was starting to ask questions of why people with disabilities weren't having their story shared in the news, or their story being featured in the wrong section of the news. This all falls back to the lack of education and exposure non-disabled people have about people living with a disability. As I'm going through this advocacy journey, I'm finding out know, the more non-disabled people that don't know people with disabilities; the more non-disabled people think that disabled people can do less than non-disabled people.

I started sharing my story on social media in 2018, from there I built me own website, and started sharing my writing publicly. At the beginning, I was just sharing my story as someone who had Cerebral Palsy; once I have started writing everyone told me how great my writing was, and how talented of a writer I am. Only changed my prospection of the word “disability”, but also, I started writing for an audience I never thought I would have. Writing was an escape for me during school, and it still helps me to this day with my Mental Health.

High school wasn't a great time for me. As a young person living with a physical disability, I stood out already within my year. Therefore, no one within my year group really, “accepted me for me, rather than Layne, who has CP”. This is the biggest reason why I'm passionate about advocating for inclusion to this day.

From 2016-2020 I was heavily involved in Para-Athletics, as a F33 seated thrower. F33 is one of the seated Cerebral Palsy classification, and they can throw shot-put, discus and javelin.

Throughout this time, I competed both at a state and national for seated throws; I also achieved under 18 and under 20 Australian records under this classification for all three throws. Not long after Covid-19 hit Western Australia last year (in 2020), I gave up the sport due to my other commitments.

I regularly write on this website about my journey with having Cerebral Palsy and Mental Health, but I also share insight on disability, accessibility and inclusion. If you ever want to get in touch with me, you can do this via my Contact Page, or email.


Thanks for reading this, I hope you enjoy my blogs!