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    Portfolio I’m a blogger and a disability and inclusion activist. In 2018, at 17 years old, I started my own blog – , where I write regularly about my own experience living with a disability, but also issues that come up within today’s society for disabled people. Alongside this, I am also a committee member on Youth Disability Advocacy Network. ​ Writing August 2019 | Workpower – Jasmine's Dressmaking Dream . November 2019 | Youth Disability Advocacy Network -– School of Struggles: A Journey Through School with a Disability . August 2020 | Youth Disability Advocacy Network – Access to Sport as a Disabled Person . Connect with me December 2020 | Perth Festival – My experiences at an access committee meeting as a disability advocate . January 2021 | Visit Perth – 10 Best Access Shows at Perth Festival . ​ ​Featured – Social media September 2019 | Share Your Story – Facebook , Instagram . December 2020 | Jam The Label – Facebook , Instagram .

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    About me From a young age, my parents and I have struggled to find answers about my CP and other disability. Just before the 2016 Paralympic Games, I signed up to become a para-athlete. With the support from TADWA, Athletics West and Rebound WA my dreams become a reality over time. In 2017 I broke my first Australian record in shot put as a F33 Under 20 seated thrower. from there, I started to break and continue to break Under 20 AUS records in the shot put, discus and javelin. Alongside this journey, I’ve never really fitted in at school either. Not knowing I had ongoing mental health problems, I struggled to keep in touch and stay friends with my peers both inside and out of school. My anger and frustration were drawn into throwing and writing. To throw my problems away when I’m strapped down to the chair and throw, as well as bring up some of the common issues that people with disabilities (PwD) face day in and day out. Blog We only see the good parts on social media but is this authentic. That’s the big question here, and therefore I want to improve society. It has been so difficult for my parents to find answers to my disability and life. overtime, social media has become an escape for me, where I can share my journey through life, both the good and the negative sides of having a disability. through sharing my experience online, I have had to opportunity to meet people and get to know so many PwD online. Directory I’ve always had trouble finding the right location to suit my needs. At times I don’t know where to go, or even what to do with my friends and with my support workers. That’s why I’ve started a free and public directory that highlights the importance of accessible and disability-friendly venues. Cafés, museums, theatre venues, you name it! We do live in an inaccessible world, not just for people that use wheelchairs, but for many, many more people with conditions, illnesses, ongoing injuries as well as disabilities. To improve the accessibility for people with disabilities I interview business owners across Perth.

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    Welcome Hey folks, I'm Layne (they/them) an author and a social media savvy person. Through sharing my story online I have helped many people with disabilities as well as their families and friends. I'm here to change the prospection of disability. Get to know me My mission To improve the social change and stigmas associated with people with disabilities (PwD) with the hope of improving access and education for PwD and the wider community. Projects I share my experience weekly on this website about my journey as a disabled person who is navigating the accessible world. Blog I go out and talk directly with business owners about how they are accessible and disability ally businesses in Western Australia. Directory Recent blogs Aún no hay ninguna entrada publicada en este idioma Sigue en contacto...

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